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*_* finally! This was an old idea that took me way too long to get the guts to do. But at last, I did, and now I present to you Frankie, my frankensteinian daughter <3
It´s still unfinished- her right arm is still getting some treatment, mind you. Gosh I love her (ノ◐ヮ◑)ノ*:・゚✧


Patterns i did for ZuzuFriends <3

Laguna de la Luz, Curauma inspiratioooon

Práctica Nocturna ^q^ ~
3 versiones
Fernanda de Mirlolo <3

Nueva ID  ^q^www.frulimic.cl

Nueva ID  ^q^

Free pack 01
Makotooo <3

Mi fav es Lulu <3

Sailor Moon chibis for stickers and pins ^3^)

Kill la kill chibis done to sell as stickers.
Mako is my favvvvvvvv



Finally, all of my Fairy Tale Cameos are available on Storenvy!

Alice, Gretel, Snow White and Red Riding Hood are all original illustrations made by me with watercolours, ink and pencils. After scanning and printing them, they´re cut, set in their respective cameo setting and covered with a layer of resin to protect them.

They´re one of my favourite things to do- the theme, the size, everything about them is just lovely (ノ◐ヮ◑)ノ*:・゚✧

Go check them up on my store!